Masters Graduands 2020

Gitau Mercy Wanja

With the increased population growth and urbanization, developing countries are faced with increased consumption and production activities. As a result, solid waste production has become a key concern in many countries, Kenya inclusive, due to the challenges of regulating it.

Chepsiror Peter Kiprop

Studies have shown that dams have unexpected adverse impacts on the livelihoods of local communities. The overall objective of this study was to analyze water governance, using both qualitative and quantitative methods, the impacts on the livelihoods that Chebara dam has had on the local community. Primary data was collected through household surveys from 100 respondents including key informant interviews and participants observations.

Kilonzi Emily Mutanu

The livestock sector in developing countries is rapidly growing from increasing demand for animal protein, products and services. This growth, however, poses a possible challenge in terms of loss of ecosystem health in terms of environmental degradation from emissions of methane and resultant effluents of dangerous chemical wastes used in farms. This thesis describes the state of governance instruments used for management of chemical waste in smallholder dairy farms in Kenya using a case of Kabete sub-county, Kiambu County.