1. Teaching Venues and Sites
Wangari Maathai Institute
Wangari Maathai Institute Campus

Wangari Maathai Institute Physical Location

The teaching venues are situated within the WMI campus, which is in the College of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences of the University of Nairobi and is located along the Kapenguria road.

The following is a highlight of the teaching sites; Five (5) lecture rooms, eight (8) conference rooms, twelve (12) seminar rooms and a modern library.

Conference Facilities
Students and staff from Wangari Maathai Institute and University of Copenhagen utilize conference facilities at the Wangari Maathai Institute on 10/03/2020 
2. Library Catalogue
3. Digital Repository
4. Infrastructure, Facilities and Equipment

The Institute is served by Kenya Power. There is also a diesel generator in case of power interruption. The Institute has an exhibition area and an outdoor amphitheatre with a capacity of 500 people.

Various stakeholders at the Amphitheatre during the World Environment Day in 2019

A standby van is available for transport.

Institute Van
WMI staff pose for a photo next to the Institute Van before undertaking a reconnaissance for experiential Learning Activity along the Nairobi River on 20/02/2020

Other facilities include a video conferencing facility and Peace Labs.

Apart from the above areas, the Institute has developed various experiential learning platforms including the following;

The water tower 

Water tower
The water tower 


The “water tower” was designed to capture Prof. Wangari Maathai’s integrative thinking by using the traditional African three-legged stool as a metaphor for what she viewed as the three essential components of a stable society: peace, democracy and environmental stewardship which are important for sustainable development.

The metaphoric message represented by the water tower offers learners an ideal conceptualization of the essential components of a stable society. 

Sewage treatment and Recycling Plants (ENPURA UG 450PE)

Sewage treatment and recycling plant


The system is a “decentralized sewage treatment and recycling plant (STP) for managing grey and black water