University of Nairobi/Wangari Maathai Institute (WMI) will co-host a training session on DCAS from 31st Jan -@nd Feb 2023. This trainers of trainers workshop is  for individuals from ministries of agriculture, related government agencies, public research institutions, farmers organizations, academia, media organisations, and non-profit organizations working on climate adaptation for food security in Eastern Africa region to a 3-day training event on DCAS. The training will be organized in a "Training of the Trainers" format, to improve the confidence and capacity of trainees to design and implement DCAS projects to reach the last mile and farmers.

Online event. Registration link:

Harnessing the power of technological innovations and digitalization to improve agricultural productivity and strengthen climate resilience has been recognized as one of the potential game changers to address many of pressing climate concerns and rural transformation challenges facing Africa today. Consequently, in line with its knowledge acceleration, agenda-setting, and advocacy functions in climate adaptation; and as the broker for accelerating action and support for adaptation solutions in Africa through its African Adaptation Acceleration Program (AAAP), GCA in collaboration with the