Students Organizations, Societies & Clubs

The College has more than 10 Students organizations, reflecting a wide range of interests, including academic, religious, cultural, social and political activities. Membership of the societies allows students to enjoy activities on campus that are not normally part of academic life. The Societies and clubs provide an opportunity to build networks that will be beneficial after graduation.

Through these organizations students have been able to participate in community activities, professionally related events, exchange visits with students in other countries, attend international conferences and meetings and generally develop their social, and other skills.

University of Nairobi Students Association(UNSA) is the overall body in the University. There are also the following organizations in the College;

Each society is run by students and any current student may be a member. Individual societies hold a number of events every year, including an annual general meeting that elects new leadership for the following year.

Societies are partially funded by the university and partially by the subscription fees that some of the societies charge.