Dr. Ogutu Florence Akinyi

Florence Akinyi
Research Topic
Assessing the Effectiveness of Policy Framework on Solid Waste Management in Nairobi, Kenya
Degree Awarded
Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Governance and Management

Florence Akinyi Ogutu is an educationalist and an environmentalist. Holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in education, from Kenyatta University and a Master of Arts in Sociology and Entrepreneurship from the University of Nairobi. Solid experience in education and community development. Communication skills taught English and literature in several institutions. Experience in entrepreneurship consultation and management in the business sector, small and medium enterprises, founder of Kojung’a Enterprises and Elflo investments Limited. Passionate about a clean and healthy environment, have a keen interest in sustainable waste management and how it influences the choices of activities on the environment. A board member of ARTC (Agriculture research and training consultancy) and a member of the International solid waste association (ISWA). Currently seeking opportunities for championing a waste management system in Nairobi County which is sustainable. Enthusiastic about research work, interest in the area of solid waste management and environmental Governance, and implementation of sustainable development goals (SDGs). Have published articles on solid waste management and environmental governance.