Dr. Irene Wakio Mwakesi

Irene Mwakesi
Research Topic
Effects of Mining on Society, Livelihood and Environment: A case study of Taita Taveta County, Kenya
Prof. Raphael G. Wahome & Dr. Daniel W. Ichangi
Degree Awarded
Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Governance and Management

My key experience has been in communication and information dissemination activities.  I have been involved in, Electronic Media (Television and Radio) programme production having worked with the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation for 17 years as a television producer and as a manager heading the National Radio. 

Since 1993, I performed Information duties with UNICEF ESARO and United Nations Information Centre (UNIC). This involved producing and recording a daily five-minute Kiswahili radio Programme titled “Timiza Ahadi” (Keep the Promise) which involved all UN Agencies on the Millennium Development Goals and education outreach programmes in Kenya and Uganda among other UN agenda programmes like the UN Educational Outreach Programmes covering Kenya and Uganda.